IJmuiden- Lisbon 2014

A11. IJmuiden, (the Neth.)-Lisbon, (Port)

A11This 12-day sailing trip brings you across the Bay of Biscay to Portugal, renowned for its Fado music, romantic capitol Lisbon, and marvelous natural habitat.
From IJmuiden the Anne-Margaretha sails along the Belgian coast. In northern France we will visit the historic town of Dieppe with its dramatic views of the sea from its medieval castle.
We then sail on via the Channel Island Alderney to the Bay of Biscay. The depth changes from 200m to a spectacular 4000 m! Here we spot a lot of dolphins and also whales! On some of our trips here, fin whales swam alongside the Anne-Margaretha and some guests swam with the whale..!)
We will probably anchor close to the Spanish coast (the Cies islands) to swim and snorkel.
In Cascais, a little town west of Lisbon, our final destination, we will enjoy the Portuguese September sun in an outdoor café.

Dates:7-18 September 2014
Days: 12
Miles: 1000
Price € 795/ € 895*per person in a 2-person cabin

*The highest price is for a midship cabin with private bathroom

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