From the Netherlands to Brazil!

4 November 2017


From the Netherlands to Brazil
After a beautiful 2-month trip, the Anne-Margaretha arrived in Brazil (Salvador de Bahía).
The first week on the North Sea was an immediate “baptism by fire” for some: one storm after another pulled over our sturdy ship. Fortunately, everyone has been well and, as we sailed further south, the weather and the moods became equally beautiful!
Guests came and went; some for a longer period, others for one trip. Birthdays were celebrated, MOB exercises done, hammocks knotted, star-studded skies admired, dolphins were greeted and almost touched (at Isla Fernando de Noronha, almost across the Atlantic) as they swam around us while we snorkeled! There were also many moments of cozy conversation as we enjoyed the immense far-off ocean horizons, sunrises and sunsets! Neptune has baptized everyone at the equator and Heinz invented an eco-washing machine ….

You can find almost daily updates of our route on the site at “ follow the ship” and from time to time Heinz, one of the crew members, or a guest will write their stories.

It remains a wonderful experience to cross the vast ocean with our dear ship and to have such a pleasant ambiance on board. This time, two parents and their 11-year old daughter joined us to enjoy the trip. The ocean crossing was a delight to all!

To Patagonia and Ushuaia
The trip continues along the Brazilian coast to Uruguay. We will be there for a few days to stock the ship, explore the area, greet more guests, and finally we will sail until we reach the entrance to the Strait of Magellen, from where we sail into Patagonia!
It will be summer there, but we may be surprised by fresh winds. Patagonia, land of the condors, glaciers, fairy-tale caletta’s (“in” lakes), dolphins, whales, parrots, kingfishers and … we will see and experience it!

In about one month we will arrive in Ushuaia again, our point of departure for the 3 Antarctica trips.

Well, it’s a little early, but we still wish you all a very nice December!

Sailors greetings,

Heinz and Greet

PS: Can you still go with us?
For the very fast decision makers: 24 November – 14 December 2017 P14 Travel from Punta del Este (Ur.) – Ushuaia. Last minute price € 895 p.p.
Along the Chilean coast:  P19 Puerto Montt- Arica  6-28 April 2018
From Cuba and further we have a few more places. Contact me and we’ll see what’s possible.

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