Bye bye Cuba

op weg naar Bermuda

Goodbye Cuba

10 June 2010

Cuba …. It requires perseverance to enter the harbor … But then you’re also in a country that is not so different to compare. For me it was the first visit and it did not disappoint. The rather large marina is deserted, as the hurricane season arrives. We are welcomed by the harbormaster who recognizes Heinz still from two years ago. Immediately we are approached by people offering all kinds of goods and services like cheap cigars, rum and taxis to Santiago. The emptiness falls on the highway and there are hardly any cars or people walking. We arrived at Santiago’s center, a feast for lovers of vintage cars: every 5th car is approximately 50-60 years old ..! We stared our eyes out !! It was as if we were in a movie.
After a number of very hot days with an occasional thunderstorm, the Anne-Margaretha had to leave again. Many autorities on board again, but than we could leave.
After a few miles on sea a sperm whale swam lazily past. Fortunately, we had another cooling sea breeze and once again, we see again marine life !!
We send our warm greetings home!

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