Azores Islands Roundtrip 2015

A22. Azore Islands Roundtrip (Faial-Faial)

Anne-Margaretha bij GraciozaSince the Azore Islands off the coast of Portugal are too beautiful to leave so soon, we are taking a 9 day round trip island trip. The exact route is dependent upon the winds, but we are almost certain to sail near the islands of Terceira, Sao Jorge and Graciosa. Depending upon the time and the wishes of the guests, we may visit other islands as well.
The Azores are known for their delicious summer temperatures at this time, and we look forward to enjoying beautiful wildflowers, visits by dolphins and whales.

Dates: 23 June-1 July 2015
Days: 9
Miles: ca. 250
Price: € 895/ € 995*per person in a 2-person cabin

*The highest price is for a midship cabin with private bathroom

JUNE 23- JULY 1 2015

The Azores consist of nine inhabited and some uninhabited islands.
We visit four of the five central islands: Faial, Sao Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira.
Pico Island has no marina where the Anne-Margaretha can moore, but on your own (either before or after our tour) quickly reached by ferry.

(!) Depending on the wind, the program is as follows:

June 23: At 12:00 pm boarding and if possible immediately leave for Sao Jorge. Arrival in the evening in the harbor of Sao Jorge.

June 24: A day Sao Jorge. Opportunity to walk, bike rental, car hire etc.
A natural phenomenon on the north coast of São Jorge are the fajas. The geological-formative period pour lava flows from the steep cliffs into the ocean, where they solidified by the water.

June 25: Crossing to Terceira. Day sailing (dolphins, whales?) and in the evening arrival at Terceira.

June 26: A day Terceira. The lively capital city of Angra do Heroismo is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well anne-margaretha-azorenworth a visit.
Terceira has green landscapes and mountains where you can walk fine. The Caldeira Cuilherme Moniz is a volcanic crater on the island with a circumference of 15 km.
Again, you can rent bicycles, walking or rent a car or even a quat (!).

June 27: We depart from Terceira to Graciosa. We have a day to sail and now we have a great opportunity to see marine mammals! At the end of the day we moor in the harbor of Graciosa.

June 28: A day Graciosa. This is the smallest island we visit, but again a very special island. Also here we can make a hike, or bicycle / car tour.
Some highlights:
Caldeira and Furna do Enxofre
The Caldeira is a huge crater with a diameter of 1.2 km on the southeast of Graciosa. The slope of the crater made a 100-meter long tunnel, making you possiblyto even to drive your car in the crater. The crater is covered with green fields and forests. There are beautiful picnic areas and you can make beautiful walks. In the midst of this crater is the Furna do Enxofre, a spectacular cave. The cave is on foot join visit by a spiral staircase with 184 steps. Inside you’ll find a cave that is 220 meters long and 120 meters wide. Here is also a sulphurous lake. The water surface is lukewarm, but underneath it is piping hot. In the summer months you can to visit the Furna do Enxofre between 11:00 and 16:00.
Furna de Maria Encantada
This is a 15 meter long tunnel into the crater wall. In this tunnel here and there places from where you have a spectacular view of the crater.

June 29: sailing day Graciosa to Sao Jorge. By the evening we get there, we stay at Sao Jorge.

June 30: We sail around Pico to Faial. South of Pico is the chance to see sperm whales quite big (!!). We do our best to anne-margaretha-walvissen-azorenspot them and hope our discovery to close off so beautifully.
Pico is one of the main hotspots in the world to study and observe dolphins and whales. More than 26 species of cetaceans are doing himself well here in the nutritious waters. The proximity to the coast in the Atlantic Ocean, makes this an ideal breeding ground for many marine mammals. Sustainable whale watching is therefore of great importance for the future of these special animals.
From the water, the big factory pipes whale processing can still be seen. There is also a museum on Pico in such a former factory where clear is shown how the catch was processed. These factories are closed only 30 yrs. Ago.
anne-margaretha-azoren(photo: spotting whales!)
We know now that whale watching yields more than the slaughter of these magnificent animals.

In the course of the evening we arrive at Faial, where we enjoy the last evening meal together.

July 1: After breakfast it is time to say goodbye to the Anne-Margaretha and your traveling companions.
At 12.00 am this tour ends.

!! Because of the wind may be, we visit the islands in a different order !!

Whales and Dolphins in the Azores!

The Azores are one of the best places in the world to watch whales and dolphins! The waters surrounding the Azores, located in the middle of the ocean, rich in different species of whales and dolphins. Whales (and whale) play an important role in the history and culture of the Azores. Whalers visited the islands since 1700 and caused a massive whaling industry on the islands. The whaling remained in the same traditional way, with open boats and hand harpoons, continue until 1985 (!).
The best one can whale and dolphin sightings between May and October, although some species can be seen all year round. The most critical factor is the weather. There are 80 species of whales in the world of which 21 occur in the waters surrounding the Azores. An encounter with the blue whale, the largest mammal existing in the world, is a breathtaking experience that you will not want to miss.
In addition to dolphins and whales are there to see many other species in the water, such as turtles, all kinds of fish, sharks and swordfish.
The whale and dolphin tourism is both an important factor in the protection and conservation of whales and dolphins: those who have seen these beautiful animals will understand the need for their protection and vulnerability. However, the activities must be conducted in such a way that they are not harmful and disruptive to the whales and dolphins in their habitat.

Additional possibilities:
We recommend our guests, if you have some more time to pay a visit to Pico (whale museum, volcano hikes etc.). On Pico is the highest mountain in Portugal. 2351 m high!
In the Azores, among others at Horta (Faial), there are many possibilities for diving or snorkeling.
As the season’s end of June, is advisable timely ho (s) tel / B & B reservation.

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