Antarctica always suprises us!

21 February 2010

It had been a beautiful day with “whale weather”: one minke whale, about 10 meters long, was very interested in the Anne-Margaretha. To the delight of all those on board s/he played hide and seek with the ship and came close to breaking the surface. Everyone ran from port to starboard to miss none of this game!!!
Once anchored, the group went ashore at Port Lockroy. Heinz, who was left alone on board, was soon joined by a … leopard seal! The animal was very curious about Heinz and the ship. He seemed to want to come on board …. The Anne-Margaretha is anchored with number of lines which the animal found very interesting. He began to gnaw on them…. A “Ksst !!!” call had little effect. When Heinz picked the group at the shore, and was ready to cast off, the leopard seal was back in action ….Heinz felt the huge animal ( a male can become 3 m. and 270 kg, a female 4 m and 600 kg. …) then cozy up against the dinghy…. He arrived near land and followed with great interest the boarding passengers … It was a thrilling encounter ..!
Last night was still and around 1degree Celsius …. The result is that the Anne-Margaretha is now frozen at Port Lockroy …. That’s a new experience. We are curious, how this will continue.
Warmest greetings to everyone at home!
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