Anne-Margaretha leaves warm Ushuaia !

24 January 2015

January 24  2015

Anne-Margaretha bij Harberton( photo: Harberton)
On Wednesday the international group ( 6 nationalities!) came on board on the Anne-Margaretha in Ushuaia.
After all the official paperwork we sailed on the Beagle Chanal to Estancia Harberton, where we dropped the ancre.Unbelievable how hot is was: > 30 degrees Celsius! Swimming, taking a sunbath was not what we expected beforen..;-).

Yesterday we went to the Drake Passage, companied by many dolphins of different kind! Everybody is excited about the trip and since the wind is calm, almost nobody has problems with seesickness!

Still some days to sail over this famous water and we hope to spot the first iceberg soon!

Greetings to all the people home.

Greet (via Heinz)

Anne-Margaretha Beagle Chanal

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